Ryan Siss - VP of Client Marketing

Strategy & execution.

Ryan is a Marketing Director for Fastlane. He has a proven track record of integrating traditional and digital media efforts into creative, strategic campaigns for our valued clients and partners.

Ryan is a huge advocate of using any and all forms of established communication for a brand to connect with its audience, and strongly believes that a solid foundation in understanding their ins-and-outs is critical in separating itself from the digital noise. Ryan has helped drive strategy and execution for major technology clients, such as IBM, Samsung, Fujitsu, IEEE, and Ultimate Software, among others.

Prior to joining Fastlane, Ryan sacrificed many nights of sleep working at a Silicon Valley tech startup where he elevated the company’s visibility and helped drive revenue through a wide variety of marketing and communications tactics including webinars, videos, drip campaigns, social media, PR, and tradeshow event support. Previously, he also did stints at agencies Highwire PR and Finn Partners.

Ryan has worked closely with sales teams to understand their needs for high-quality, relevant content that can resonate with targets at any stage of the customer journey.  Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Nyack College.

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