Why Fastlane?

Because we don’t measure ourselves in terms of actions but rather positive business outcomes and goal-oriented results.
Enabled 7 companies to reach or extend the #1 leadership position within their respective industry.
Completed over 100 market due diligence projects
Established the core messaging and positioning platform for over 70 brands
Regularly called upon to save our private equity clients’ toughest portfolio company dilemmas — often involving Go/No Go investment decisions worth more than $10 million.
While some decisions involve saving millions by NOT making a strategic investment, in many other cases, we have encouraged clients to go after a new market opportunity they had not previously recognized.
Nine out of ten clients surveyed report they follow through and implement the recommendations we offer. Often times with our help in the implementation too.
Transformed over 50 brands and created over 20 world-class brands from scratch, including naming conventions, copyright protection and more.