Messaging & Positioning Statement

e-Drive Retro

Messaging & Positioning

Messaging & Positioning
Graphic Design


Excerpts from positioning statements

  • First-to-Market – New Eco-Collectible Category
  • Unique Intellectual Property & Patents Pending
  • Automotive Legacy of Excellence & Leadership
  • Scaleable, Repeatable Business Model
  • Early Strategic Partnerships
  • Cost-Efficient While Retaining and Extending Value
  • Not Just Any Collectible, It’s e-Driveable!

Drivers Wanted. “Look-but-don’t-touch!” museum-piece owners or purist vintage car elitists need not apply.

Emotional Experience:

e-Drive Retro believes you “wear your car” as an expression of your unique self. We also feel that rare classics should be driven and enjoyed rather than stared at in museums and garages. [for car novice]

e-Drive Retro fulfills dreams of self-expression for high net worth individuals craving an evergreen and exuberant nostalgic lifestyle experience like nothing before. [for car novice]

Style Matters. Our customers understand what it is like to be true originals. They are highly successful leaders, trend setters, globe trotters and fashionistas. They demand high quality, total functionality and intelligent style whenever they consider technology. [for car novice]

Joy Riders. The experience and thrill of driving a rare vintage/classic/retro car that is now powered by clean energy is like nothing you’ve experienced. We combine the best of both worlds – the timeless style of the past with the sustainable electronics of the future. [for car novice]