Edge226 Brand Guide

Brand Standards Guide

A Brand Standards Guide, or Branding Guide provides detailed information, rules and guidelines as to how various brand identity elements should be applied.

It includes:

  • Messaging and Positioning Statement
  • Logo application
  • Corporate Identity Usage
  • Typography Specs
  • Photography Usage
  • Color Palettes
  • More

Positioning Statement Excerpt

Market Focus:

  • Edge is a leading provider of advanced ad tech solutions for today’s mobile advertisers, mobile agencies, mobile a liate networks and video ad networks.Edge was speci cally established to ad
  • dress the ever-changing challenges in the ad tech industry with a laser-focus on improving business results.

Core Competencies:

  • Culture of Innovation. We have an entrepreneurial culture of innovation, driven by the fact that our own business relies on the technology we build.
  • Commitment to Transparency.
  • Focus on Quality. We measure quality in two ways: Did this tra c meet the client’s business needs? And is it free of fraud?
  • Ease-of-Use. Our smart work ows are more automated and designed to give our clients more time to focus on their jobs and be better partners to their end clients.


Brand Standards Guide