Messaging & Positioning

We help businesses worldwide differentiate themselves to increase revenue, market share and industry distinction.

More specifically, we help businesses develop, cultivate and communicate their company positioning through highly successful and proven Brand Positioning programs, as well as targeted, key-message driven copywriting and sales/marketing material development.

We think in terms of the differentiating company positioning statements your salespeople need in order to sell effectively, and what your customers need to hear in order to purchase your products/services.

Once we have helped you craft your business’s company positioning, we can help you integrate the company positioning messages into all of your sales and marketing channels – brochure, website copy, sales presentation, flier, press releases, articles, newsletters, etc.

Our messaging & positioning expert, Kevin B. Levi, has over 17 years of experience helping companies of all sizes hone their messages and develop differentiating company positioning strategies and content.  He is a consumate corporate branding specialist who recently authored two company positioning books, “Differentiate or Diminish: The Art and Necessity of Business Positioning,” and “Selling Your Distinction: Utilizing Differentiation to Drive Your Business.”

Most recently, Kevin served as Senior Manager of Strategic Customer Messaging for Covance Inc., a $1.2B drug development company. He also spent five years at Manning Selvage & Lee (top 15 global Public Relations agency) serving as Director of Strategic Accounts in Los Angeles, leading the brand positioning services team.

We provide market positioning and business writing services to help businesses of all sizes differentiate themselves. Our portfolio of services includes market positioning, brand messaging, copywriting and more.

Throughout all of our market positioning and copywriting services, we take every project as an opportunity to arm your business with market positioning statements that are differentiating, will resonate with customers, and can help you close business! Every word we write on your behalf – across all of our services – is based on one simple question: will it help you sell and/or market your business more effectively?

Below you will find some details about our portfolio of market positioning and business writing services, all of which can be customized to meet your specific needs:

Brand Positioning Program
360-Degree Market Positioning Program Designed to Identify and Exploit Market Differentiating OpportunitiesConsists of:

Competitive analysis
Review of the competition

Differentiation discovery
New positioning statement and key messages

Website Content Development
Succinct, impactful, targeted and differentiating website content (that leverages your unique market positioning) to help you differentiate your products and services and increase sales!

Search-engine keyword optimized articles with site backlinks to help you rank higher on Google, drive traffic to your site and brand your business.

Case Studies
We will interview your client, draft a 2-page success story focusing on initial business challenge, your solution and customer value. We will work with you and the client to revise and edit the piece and bring it to conclusion.

Press Releases
Develop up to two-page press release and offer you two rounds of revisions. Search-engine keyword optimized.

Sales Collateral
Content development and mock-up layout for brochures, sales/data sheets, etc. to fully accentuate your brand and positioning. Can interface with an outside graphical designer if necessary for full graphical treatment.

Sales Presentations
PowerPoint presentation development (including all graphics, images and content