Javian Pereira - Marketing Account Executive

As a Marketing Account Executive, Javian helps manage full-service marketing programs for our various B2B and B2C clients across select industries.

His role encompasses customer relationship management, marketing plan development and execution, research and positioning as well as strategic tactical support such as press release writing, media relations outreach, social media support, content marketing, web/digital marketing, event marketing and more. 
Javian also analyzes trends and curates brand enriching experiences to build brand equity and revenue for our valued clients. Prior to Fastlane, Javian worked in retail managing customer service. He was also one of our stand-out interns while still completing his degree in marketing. He is a creative, performance-driven individual who actively applies the latest in marketing trends and applications to each and every client engagement.  
Javian holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. He is also fluent in Portuguese Brazil.
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