Expand Your Brand

Everything we do has branding at its heart

What is a brand? It’s a complete experience between consumer and product, customer and company, individual and followers, citizen and state.

When someone says they love a brand, it’s because they love the entire experience of their relationship with that brand. Good brands inspire loyalty, and bring people together.

What makes a brand great

The 6 P’s of great brands

People – Passion & Experience
Pin-Point – Audience, Personas & Targeting
Product (and/or Service) – Differentiation
Promotion – Consistency & Exposure
Purpose – Vision & Values
Pass It On – Give Back or Charitable Cause

What is branding?

It’s the brand-building process, a collaboration between agency (branding experts) and client. The process incorporates communication arts, applied sciences and technology.



Defines the raison d’etre which drives design/creative



The design of a visual/corporate identity helps
create and drive perception



Perception adds value



Positions the brand for success in the market



Integrated Marketing Fuels Demand


Differentiation is a Business Imperative today, not only in terms of a company’s success, but also for its continuing survival. Truly understanding how and why you and your business are better than the competition’s is essential to true business growth. Succinctly and efectively communicating your value proposition to customers and substantiating your claims will help accelerate sales traction.

What story is your brand telling?

Your brand communicates with prospects all day long
What is it saying?
How is it being perceived?
Are you shouting or shielding your value?

What story are you telling? 

Is your senior management team on message?
If you asked them to recite your elevator pitch, you’d get very different answers
Even at Fortune 5000 companies
Everyone must be on same page to be most successful
Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Services…

What story should you be telling? 

Tell a unique and compelling story that resonates with target buyers
Must be value based and address the prospects’ primary needs
Leverage viable positioning niches based on 360-degree view of marketplace
Be crisp and extremely succinct, stripped of puffery and unnecessary words
Be targeted to buyers, industries, influencers
Be consistent across all communications channels


Why is a brand important?

  • Differentiates
  • Instant recognition
  • Shorthand for all we are
  • Adds value and equity
  • Adds luster and cachet

What’s in it for you?

  • Makes it easier to engage clients, investors, buyers, donors and volunteers
  • Using brand discipline gives you greater credibility

How is a brand expressed?

  • Through virtually everything an organization does
  • How the phone is answered
  • How staff and board members talk about their work
  • How marketing, public relations, website content, and advertising is designed, written, and produced
  • Through the formal and informal messages expressed at meetings, gatherings, and missions
  • The way signage looks and is presented


 It plays a crucial role into building a brand.