The Brand Experience


What is a Brand?

It's a complete experience between consumer and product, as well as internally amongst team members and leaders within any organization. From how the phone is answered to how clients and employees feel about buying a service, using or making a product, the entire experience defines the brand.

What is Branding?

It's the brand-building process. It’s a collaboration between agency (branding experts) and client (company/customer). The process incorporates communication arts, applied sciences and technology.

Our Branding Practice Areas Define:

Your Vision, Purpose, Mission & Culture



Execution Roadmap

Your Voice

Messaging & Positioning

How You Look, Communicate & are Perceived

Graphic Design/Visual Communications

How You Sell

Messaging & Positioning + Graphic Design Combined - Supported by: Marketing, PR, SEO & Social Media


A brand experience case study, which applies to any and all B2B and B2C industries

A Call to Action

Customer sees beautiful Instagram ad for an attractive new restaurant. Visits instagram page, looks around and sees consistently beautiful shots of the place and the food. Takes action and follows the page.
– Social Media, Messaging & Design –

Web Presence

Visits website, and is impressed by website design and functionality on both desktop and mobile. Perceives restaurant as being high end and successful.
– Strategy, Messaging & Design –

Customer Service

Calls restaurant for reservation and is greeted by friendly and pleasant voice.
– Strategy & Mission

Brand Consistency

Arrives and is impressed with facade. Enters and is impressed with environment. From the architecture to interior design, the visual experience noise level and music, the ambience is pitch perfect.
– Strategy & Design –


Is greeted with a smile, and is made to feel important. Is seated in a timely fashion.
– Strategy & Mission –


Kitchen is on display, and efficiency can be seen.
– Strategy & Design –


Wait staff is efficient, pleasant, persuasive, accommodating and attentive.
– Strategy & Mission –


Menu design looks beautiful, is inviting and easy to read.
– Design –


Food & drinks arrive in a timely fashion, cocktails are crafted artfully, food is cooked to perfection and is unforgettably delicious. Presentation is impeccable.
– Strategy & Mission –


Enthusiastic customer goes on the web and give the restaurant a 5 star review.
– Marketing –


In exiting the restaurant, postcards and business cards are taken home, they look so beautiful the customer wants to hang them on the wall at the office or home, and enthusiastically share them with friends.
– Messaging & Design –

Customer Retention

It was a perfect experience. The customer will most likely want to re-live it time and again.
– Branding –


This is an example of a complete brand experience, which applies to any and all kinds of businesses, large or small, B2B or B2C.

Ideally all of the above branding practice areas would be applied in alignment with one another, in order to achieve a more successful, profitable and sustainable brand experience.

FYI: Your Logo is NOT your Brand

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