Beth Amorosi - Communications Strategist

Beth is a Communications Specialist for Fastlane in New York City. With over 20 years experience, Beth is a proven, strategic marketing professional.

She has vast experience working for clients in various industries, such as luxury, technology, media, entertainment and real estate as well as non-profit organizations.

Beth has worked closely with high-profile personalities and executives, managing executive communications, change communications and other large-scale projects or sensitive communications initiatives.

She is also a regular speaker and expert on the legacy of renowned lawyer, James B. Donovan, who was the subject of the Oscar-Nominated film Bridge of Spies and author of Strangers on a Bridge. She is also the founder of the Donovan Institute, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of diplomacy and the art of negotiation as well as the pursuit of healthy role models for the next generation.

Residing in New York City, Beth serves on the Board of the Lake Placid Institute for the Arts & Humanities. She is also an Ambassador for women’s empowerment initiative, Diamonds Unleashed. Beth holds a B.A. in English from from Georgetown University.

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