Everything we do

has branding at its heart

Brand, differentiate & sell.

We partner with our clients to identify their unique brand challenges, pain points, differentiation and core values to significantly expand their brand(s).

We help companies brand, differentiate & sell.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in NYC, Fastlane is an award-winning, full service marketing and communications agency.

Strategic points of presence throughout the U.S. and a global partner network in: – São Paulo, Brazil, London, UK and Mumbai, India.

Messaging & Positioning100%
Visual Branding / Design100%
Public Relations100%
Content & Marketing100%
Social Media100%

Net promoter score

+ yrs.

Avg. experience


Authored by staff


Avg. client retention

Differentiation is a Business Imperative today, not only in terms of a company’s success, but also for its sustainability overtime.


Fastlaners are recognized experts in their respective disciplines – from branding, positioning and storytelling to public relations, social media and content marketing.

Collectively over the years, we’ve authored thousands of client thought leadership articles, white papers, business briefs, brochures, data sheets, web pages, advertisements and other forms of high impact marketing, sales and communications material. See recent musings below.

We regularly speak at industry conferences, associations, trade shows, panels,  webinars and client events.

Brand Builders:

Fastlaners have worked with some of the most recognizable and respected brands in the world, such as Covance, Envigo, DuPont, Verizon Wireless, IBM Global Services, Pitney Bowes, Merck, Lincoln Financial, BASF, Telcordia Technologies, TOMRA, Dometic Group, Bacardi and Spotify, among others.

The brands we’ve created and bolstered are timeless and have withheld the test of time.

Over 95% of the companies we represent are highly profitable and/or growing consistently, year over year.

Collectively over the years, we’ve helped our valued clients earn billions (yes billions) in net new revenues.

We regularly service all industry sectors but do have added specializations in the areas of Transportation, Leisure & Commercial Marine, Green/Eco Sustainability, Food & Beverage, Sports & Recreation, Telecommunications / Contact Center, Tech / B2B Software and Life Sciences / Drug Development.

Fastlane is one of the only agencies in the U.S. that can honestly say it has deep, collective competency in the three areas of branding, positioning and demand generation. This is reflected in our tagline: Brand – Differentiate – Sell.


Our clients typically look at us as their marketing leadership team of record and rely on our strategic guidance on all things Marketing, Branding, Positioning SocialPR and Lead Generation related.

According to our annual Net Promoter Score, over 96.3% of our clients would recommend our services to business colleagues and associates.

Clients, on average, stay with Fastlane for 7 years.  In addition to supporting established global brands, we also prep mid-market businesses for IPO, acquisition or other exit options.

Our client-centric philosophy and client-first approach ensures we’re consistently under-promising and over-delivering.

We’re easy to work with and enjoy long-term strategic business partner relationships rather than traditional client-vendor relationships.

Our work speaks for itself.  For example, we’re able to cut through clutter to garner national press, print, digital and TV exposure for our clients. To review a sampling of our work, see our Success Stories & Testimonials.