Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez Selects Fastlane as Agency of Record

Partnership to Help Expand Dr. Mau’s Brand & Health Education Mission

New York, NY – April 17, 2024 – Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez, best known as Dr. Mau, an award-winning, triple board-certified physician in internal, emergency, and obesity medicine based in New York City, has selected Fastlane as the agency of record (AOR) for his rapidly-growing, health education business. Driven by a mutual goal of strengthening Dr. Mau’s social reach and impact and further developing strategic partnerships, this alliance is poised to advance his brand profile within the healthcare and wellness industries.

With a multinational digital presence in South America and North America, Dr. Mau’s mission is to address many of the most pressing illnesses affecting today’s society by making scientific and medical knowledge accessible to everyone. Dr. Mau’s dynamic blend of expertise, passion, and charisma captivates his international audience, which reaches over 3 million followers across his ever-growing social channels.

As a passionate advocate for evidence-based nutrition and exercise, Dr. Mau aims to reduce chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. According to the American Diabetes Association, Black and Hispanic/Latino adults are more than 50% more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes compared to non-Hispanic white adults. Additionally, hypertension affects nearly one in three Latino adults in the United States, highlighting the urgency of preventative measures. Taking a comprehensive approach to combating these diseases, Dr. Mau has partnered with organizations like the American Heart Association, AARP and others to reach broader communities.

Alongside his wife, Mayte Moncada, the COO at Dr. Mau Informa who oversees the company’s diversified and personalized health communication services, Dr. Mau co-founded one of Latin America’s largest health nutrition medical conferences and an online academy serving over 27,000 individuals to date.

“My goal has always been to empower individuals with the latest health and medical knowledge and tools to lead healthier lives whether in-person, online, at conferences or through partnerships,” stated Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez. “I am genuinely excited to partner with Fastlane to amplify my mission and message and reach a broader audience. Together, we can greatly enhance the quality of life for millions throughout North and South America.”

Fastlane is recognized for its expertise in expanding market share, mind share and heart share for its valued clients across various industries, with Health & Wellness being one of its key pillars. A Fastlane specialty is identifying untapped opportunities within specific market segments and devising targeted strategies to produce positive business outcomes.  

“Fastlane is honored to partner with such a high profile and well-respected healthcare practitioner and thought leader like Dr. Mau,” said Chris Faust, Founder and CEO of Fastlane. “He is a brilliant, dynamic leader and healthcare celebrity in the making. His practical advice and fresh insights provide refreshing and much-needed clarity in a sea of misinformation.”

Fastlane and Dr. Mau’s collaboration marks a significant step towards bridging the information gap and advancing communications in the healthcare industry. 


About Dr. Mau:

Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez, also known as Dr. Mau, is a respected triple board-certified physician in internal, emergency, and obesity medicine based in New York City. He is renowned for advocating prevention strategies, debunking medical myths, and promoting evidence-based nutrition and exercise to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. 

Specializing in health communication and collaborating with international industries to create impactful healthcare campaigns, Dr. Mau is a regular contributor to major media outlets such as CNN, Telemundo, and Univision, and has been featured in Forbes, Newsweek, The Today Show, People Magazine, InStyle, to name a few. Dr. Gonzalez is also a sought-after public speaker, sharing panels with notable figures like Dr. Tedros and Bill Clinton, and participating in events with organizations such as PAHO/WHO and the United Nations. For more information, visit www.drmaunyc.com.


About Fastlane:

Fastlane is a strategic branding and growth marketing firm specializing in value creation and social impact. The firm provides highly-tailored, short and long-term go-to-market plans and integrated campaigns as well as supporting services that deliver positive business outcomes to its range of B2B and B2C clients in Health, Retail, Sports, Sustainability and Tech. Fastlane’s Centers of Excellence run deep in Research & Planning, Branding, Marketing, Engagement & Growth. For more information, visit www.fastlane.co.


Media Contact:

Chris Faust

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