5 Ways to Put the WOW Factor into Your Virtual Media Tours

Given its economical and time efficient qualities, Virtual Media Tours (VMTs) were already picking up speed pre-COVID. The current landscape has put VMTs in an even faster lane with Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangout now household names. Here are five ways to put the WOW Factor into your next VMT.

 1.  Pitch Perfect: Understanding the dynamics and nuances of the media outlets you are pitching is essential to the success of any VMT. That’s why earned-media opportunities start with the right pitch at the right time to the right media. We’re talking compelling, interesting, entertaining, clever, timely and relevant angles that will resonate with viewers. Knowing the components of what makes a strong story is at the heart of well-received VMTs.

2.  Shop Talk: When it comes to VMTs, journalists give the thumbs up to in-house experts, including senior executives, brand ambassadors and subject media experts (SMEs). In-house spokespeople promote authenticity and are equipped with the extensive product knowledge necessary to answer follow-up questions from reporters.

3.  Within Reach: VMTs allow you to keep the world at your fingertips (without jumping on planes, trains, and automobiles!) by giving you the opportunity to target specific local markets, as well as large national audiences. In a single morning, many companies conduct 25 interviews reaching millions of viewers. While it may be challenging to book a segment on Good Morning America, VMTs offer exposure to this market through a series of local media outlets that can accomplish the same goal.

4.  Just Ask: It’s helpful to compile a list of suggested questions to share with reporters. Although there’s no guarantee your questions will be asked as presented, such input can help guide reporters and give them a better sense of your cause. Putting your questions in writing is also a good way to prepare and practice for your interviews.

5.  Sweet Spot: Showcase appealing visual elements to keep viewers engaged and to help them better understand or even experience your brand. If you’re promoting a line of luxurious chocolates for Valentine’s Day, for example, let’s see an adoring couple indulging in your decadent treats. Show us your story! In addition, make sure your spokesperson is comfortable and well rested – and has had media training (if needed) and a trial run (and lots of coffee) before the big day!