Celebrating the Life of
My Brilliant Brother Alex

Not many people can say they worked with their brother day and night for over 15 years – and still love him dearly. That is the way it was for me and Alex until his very last day. Alex Pires was a natural leader, innovator, and a true visionary.

I have the greatest respect for my brother, and I learned something from him almost every single day. Alex was Fastlane’s Chief Operations Officer. He designed the company’s internal operations utilizing Basecamp to promote a remote work environment long before the concept caught on. Anyone who knew Alex knew he was a big fan of efficiency, enabling accounts to run smoothly and glitch-free while keeping everyone in the project loop. He set up our operations, so each person could essentially handle the work of four. When Fastlane was launched, clients thought we were a large company, even though we were a three-person start-up.

On a more personal note, Alex had far-reaching interests from listening to Beethoven, Van Halen and Def Leppard to perfecting his martial arts skills to playing jazz on his guitar to reading books like Left of Bang to taking leisurely walks with his dogs. He studied law in Brazil and business in New Jersey – and learned Six Sigma with our father. There wasn’t much he hadn’t tried or couldn’t do.

Most of all, his generosity towards his family, friends and colleagues stands out. My brother will always be part of the team and forever in our hearts. I am blessed to call Alex my brother.

Left to right: Alex Pires and Ed Pires with German Shepherd Scott – 1980s

Alexandre Pires (1978-2021)

My brother was a badass.

– Eduardo Pires  Chief Creative Officer