5 Social Media Blunders to Avoid

We’re all about going social. Here are five social media blunders – and how to get it right.

Voice Lessons: Don’t try to be all things to all people. Stay true to your voice and what you believe in. If you promote a cause, for example, make sure you practice what you preach on all fronts. Does your company stand behind all the values and principles of this cause? Are there contractions that might be uncovered? No one is fooled by inauthenticity, so choose what you claim to stand behind wisely.

Target Practice: Don’t feel like you need to jump on every social media platform. Once you know your target audience, you’re well positioned to choose the ideal platform or platforms to share your message. You also want to have a clear strategy and know precisely what you want to accomplish.

Date Me: Don’t feel compelled to post about every special day, week or month that pops up on your calendar. If you’re a health & wellness company, for example, you can skip Donut Day. Aside from major holidays, align your company with special events that are associated with your core business and values.

In the Mix: Don’t limit yourself in the content arena. There are a wide variety of options from polls to contests to blog posts to thought leadership articles. Be aware of the power of video and images. Be inventive, innovative, and imaginative. Mix it up. Your followers will be happy you did!

See the Light: Don’t feel like you must be ultra-serious all the time. When appropriate, opt for light, breezy, and fun content. Many posts that go viral have a humorous or lighthearted spin. Although it’s important to be true to your voice, there are ways to build fun into almost any social media campaign. Although exceptions exist, there is great value in offering your followers comic relief.

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What keeps me engaged in social media are moments when we can embrace positivity and goodness. It’s when we can all laugh in unison or be comforted by an empowering story that the magic of social media comes alive.

Megan MacQuarrie
Social Media Director