What the world needs now more than ever is love and compassion. It’s a basic, human instinct to protect oneself and your loved ones.

However in times of extreme strife, it’s the rare few who do just the opposite for the greater good. Rather than reflect inward or retreat into a defensive position, it’s those hidden heroes amongst us who rise to the occasion and unselfishly give of themselves to lend a helping hand to others. This goes for businesses too.

To put this into practical perspective, if everyone were to simply do one small act of kindness for someone else each day or even each week for the next several weeks or months, the negative focus would be redirected, anxieties would ease, and a renewed sense of optimism would take root again.

Right now, countless, selfless individuals have been facing down COVID-19 on a global scale and working tirelessly to help slay this dragon. Many businesses are “battening down the hatches” yet need to also be considering how they can contribute to the fight at the local, state, national or global level.

It’s not a question of if we as a collective whole will get through this historic event, but how we will get through this. Will we act with reckless abandon or become a beacon of light for others?

Let’s all do our individual parts to lift up those around us, especially the more vulnerable in our society. On the business side, let’s not just look at the impacts to the bottom line, but rather how we can preserve jobs, pivot to digital and plan to navigate through this storm together. A little love and compassion will go a long way.