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Fastlane and StoneStreet Cinema Partner to Expand Tiered Social Video Marketing Bundles & Bespoke Video Services

New York, NY – December 13, 2017 – Fastlane Communications, LLC (Fastlane) and StoneStreet Cinema (StoneStreet) today announced a strategic partnership to provide tiered social video marketing packages and bespoke video services. According to Vidyard, mobile users who watch video (92%) have a tendency to share the content with others. Simply Measured also says that video gets shared around 12x more frequently than content links or text. Check out Vidyard’s Video in Business Benchmark Report & Infographic for more eye-popping video stats.

Fastlane to provide StoneStreet with its award-winning, integrated branding, messaging and positioning, content marketing, public relations, social media and web services. In exchange, StoneStreet to provide an array of long- and short-form 4K HD cinematography and videography services, such as storyboarding, corporate videos, video testimonials, explainer and how-to videos, product demos, broadcast advertising, social video clips, script writing, editing and production capabilities.

“Many of our clients are looking to expand their web video marketing campaigns in 2018 and Stone Street provides the right expertise, infrastructure and new model of social video teasers offered in attractive bundles that we helped develop,” said Chris Faust, Founder & CEO of Fastlane. “If video marketing trends continue even at half the rate of some of the projections, we’ll be quite busy in the years ahead.”

“Chris and Fastlane are strong proponents of visual communications and storytelling. They work it into most, if not all, of their client’s strategies,” said Christopher Plunkett, Co-Founder & Cinematographer of StoneStreet Cinema. “We look forward to further aligning our practice areas and expanding our partnership over time.”

StoneStreet Cinema is the latest service provider to join Fastlane’s Partner Ecosystem, which now consists of:

  • The CEO’s Right Hand for fractional CFO and strategic operations services
  • MANGA for social media and web development
  • Lift Sales & Marketing for eCommerce and online retail merchandising
  • Winning Message (a Fastlane Co.) for strategic messaging and positioning

About Fastlane Communications, LLC

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York City, Fastlane Communications, LLC is a leading independent, full-service marketing and communications firm that enables its clients to Brand, Differentiate and Sell. The agency’s best practices include integrated Branding, Strategic Positioning, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Web Design & Video Marketing Services. The firm recently introduced Trackit – an advanced, cloud-based business intelligence solution for today’s small and mid-size companies. For more information, visit www.fastlane.co/trackit. For more information on the firm, visit www.fastlane.co


About StoneStreet Cinema, LLC

StoneStreet Cinema is a boutique film production company specializing in independent narrative film and bespoke commercial production. StoneStreet strives to bring the feature film aesthetic to the small screen. For more information, visit www.stonestreetcinema.com.

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Chris Faust