Kevin Levi

Managing Director

Differentiate or diminish.

Kevin is the firm’s brand positioning and content marketing expert.

Kevin has been specializing in brand positioning, content marketing and lead generation for almost 20 years, and in that time he has helped companies of all sizes (and spanning all industries) identify their market uniqueness, develop differentiating key messages and craft relevant content to drive new and repeat business.

The author of “Differentiate or Diminish: The Art and Necessity of Business Positioning,” Kevin most recently served as Senior Manager of Strategic Customer Messaging for Covance Inc., a $1.2B drug development company.

He also spent five years at Manning Selvage & Lee (top 15 global Public Relations agency) serving as Director of Strategic Accounts in Los Angeles, while also leading the brand positioning services team.

Earlier in his career, Kevin worked at other top public relations agencies in New York City serving the likes of Sony, IBM Global Services, NEC, d-CON, CURAD, Ferrero Rocher and countless other brands.