Alex Pires

Partner & COO

A rare creative and pragmatic business mind.

As Fastlane’s Chief Operating Officer, Alex is responsible for managing the firm’s daily operations, internal and external business process workflows as well as key partner relationships. He reports directly to the CEO.

Alex also oversees the agency’s client relationship and project management initiatives, including but not limited to the firm’s online project management and collaboration system, review and approval processes, email campaign management solution and time tracking platform as well as overall client satisfaction, quality assurance, web operations, reporting and more.

Alex possesses excellent communication skills, information research abilities and knowledge of important business operations and processes, which have enabled Fastlane to scale its operations without jeopardizing its high quality of work standards and client satisfaction or loyalty in the process. He has a rare creative and pragmatic business mind which enables him to be both a critical thinker and problem solver for our client’s unique business challenges.

As added bonus, Alex regularly provides strategic branding counsel and insight to our valued clients and partners due to the extensive training and education in visual communications he’s developed working alongside our Chief Creative Officer over the past 10 years.

Alex studied business at Seton Hall University. He is fluent in English and Portuguese.